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What is TMV

Thermostatic Mixing Valve is a device that blends hot water and cold water to achieve a desired temperature for a plumbing system. It is typically used in showers, baths, and other fixtures to regulate the temperature of the water coming out of the taps.

The valve works by sensing the temperature of the incoming hot and cold water and adjusting the mix to achieve a set temperature. This ensures that the water is not too hot or too cold, which can cause discomfort or even scalding. The valve also helps to prevent fluctuations in water temperature due to changes in water pressure or supply.

Thermostatic mixing valves are important in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in homes, hospitals, schools, and other public places. They help to prevent burns and scalding accidents by ensuring that the water temperature is always at a safe level

If you need assistance with the installation, repair, or maintenance of a thermostatic mixing valve, Backflow Testing Co. is here to help. Our experienced technicians can ensure that your hot and cold tempered water systems are operating safely and efficiently..

How Do They Work?

A thermostatic mixer valve works by blending a mains hot and a mains cold feed into a single warm feed. In some cases, one TMV can be used to supply up to three or four outlets, though it’s important to remember that the further away from the TMV an outlet is, the temperature will begin to drop.

There are two types of thermostatic mixer valves, TMV2, and TMV3. Your common TMV2 is the kind of valve used in domestic environments, though it is sometimes used in small business settings. They work with water pressures from 0.1 – 5 bar.

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We will engage directly with the client. Provide a free quote and carry out the annual testing, repairs and required works to maintain compliance in all aspects of your backflow infrastructure. Once the job is complete, we will lodge all form 9s with the relevant local government. From the date of the test, each year you will receive a reminder from Backflow Testing Co. letting you know that your annual testing is due again. We strive to provide you with a seamless and convenient process to help maintain compliance with your business and property.


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