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About Us

Welcome to Backflow Testing Co. We are experienced plumbers specialising in backflow prevention testing in Brisbane. With over 13 years of industry experience, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of your backflow prevention systems and protecting the potable drinking water of South East Queensland.

We specialise in the testing of backflow prevention devices for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether you need an annual test or ongoing maintenance, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure your Backflow devices are functioning correctly.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and expertise, ensuring that your backflow devices are fully functional and meet all necessary regulations and standards within statutory timeframes. We will liaise with local Councils and supply all necessary paperwork, so that you don’t have to!

Contact us today to obtain a quote or schedule your backflow prevention test and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your potable water sources are safe, efficient and compliant.


What is a Backflow Prevention Device

A backflow device, also known as a backflow prevention device, is a mechanism used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In water supply systems, water is usually maintained at a significant pressure to allow it to flow from the tap, shower, or other fixture.

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Your Responsibilities

What is a TMV

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a plumbing device designed to control the temperature of water that comes out of a tap or showerhead. Its primary purpose is to ensure safe and comfortable water temperatures, especially in applications where there is a risk of scalding or discomfort from water that is too hot.

For the safety of those using a tap and to avoid injuries such as scalding, a TMV ensures the water being released from the tap is not above 45℃.

How often should you have your TMV inspected?

TMVs require inspection and maintenance every 12 months under the Australian Standards.

If you need any assistance with the installation, repair, maintenance or testing of your TMV, Backflow Testing Co. is here to help. Our experienced plumbers can ensure that your hot and cold tempered water systems are operating safely and efficiently.

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What are your responsibilities:

As a backflow prevention device owner in Queensland, you have a number of important responsibilities to maintain the currency and registration of your device to ensure the safety of the public and reduce the risk of contamination to the drinking water of the city.

Register the device with the local government. This is a legal requirement under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.


Have the device inspected or tested annually by a plumber endorsed for backflow testing such as us. Your local Council will provide you an Annual Registration Fee Notice and Testing Reminder Notice so that you don’t forget. Penalties may apply for every device that hasn’t been tested or registered each year.


Maintain records of testing. We can assist with this, including lodgement of all Form 9 test reports with the relevant local Council. From the date of the test, each year you will receive a reminder from us letting you know that your annual testing is due again.


The Council holds the power to issue a Penalty Infringement Notice by the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulations of 2003 (clause 38 (3)) if you refrain from your duties as the backflow prevention device owner. Contact us to ensure compliance and protect the health of the community by preventing the contamination of the potable water supply.

What we do

We will engage directly with the client and provide a free quote.

Contact us to discuss our discounts available for testing of multiple devices.

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